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Some thoughts about musical language

Hindemith was determined to find a musical language that was so successful and developed so much resonance in all contemporary composers, that as a consequence, all of them would have to adopt it as universal. This claim may seem petulant and even megalomaniac. However, this is the common mental state of the composer. With each work he tries to get even closer to a language that is increasingly clear, plastic and that covers the entire emotional spectrum. The perfect balance is sought, the logical game between melody, harmony and rhythm. But most of all, we look for the feel of the game that children feel and the lightness and naturalness of this. When writing music we seek to be free by becoming masters of musical resistances and knowing how to use them to overcome them: an hermetic principle. By doing this we come up with a series of individualisms whose totality makes a language.

The musical language is a precipitate of experiences and assimilated musical contacts. Each relevant musical experience that has been internalized and absorbed is part of the gestation of this individual language. At first glance it may seem that some composers adopt foreign languages ​​and imitate them. The composer of vocation and who has dedicated himself to explore his musical powers does not worry about not sounding in some way or another; He worries about the effective channeling of his musical energies through a suitable language. And if you insist enough, originality will always come out after this hard work.

Sometimes we listen to the music of others and we think: this seems like I would have written it. We enter into communication with a musical entity and resonate with it. But we also recognize that musical language as something necessary, something maternal, something cosmic and platonic in it. We feel that in order to come up with it, the person who brought it to the life had to have a process similar to the mineral formation: something slow, patient and above all true. That is the certainty transmitted by the refined musical language, that of naturalness and sublime enjoyment.