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Creating is an the of a rascal. It has everything of the impulsiveness of a dirty trick. Then the act of creating is motivated by a blind, often dangerous curiosity. The consequences of the creative act are not considered before accomplishing it. Only after it the notion of its consequences arise. The creator is a kind of jester that plays dirty tricks just out of curiosity, for the short laugh of it or for the admiration of the others. After the trick is done, they tend to disappear if the consequences get out of control.

It is a balance act between flexibility and strength that lies at every skill. The flexibility has though a kind of priority. Then the strength is related to the inertia. Flexing goes as far as the strength allows. The limit of the flexibility is not the strength but the strength has to serve as a frame in which the flexibility can flex without collapsing the system. Training is always negotiating between them and trying to maximize flexibility while intensifying the strength but making it almost passive or hidden.