Indiano volcán famoso2016Voice and piano3
6 German songs
Das große Weltenrad
2016Voice and piano13
Lest we forget what we had2016Voice and piano3
Da ich ein Knabe war2017Voice and piano4
3 Songs for my mother2017Voice and piano13
Bodensee2017Voice and piano2
8 Songs after texts by Alexandra Bernhardt2017Voice and piano20
3 Songs2017Soprano (with alto and treble recoder), Alto (with bass recorder) and Alto Recorder (with tenor recorder also)15
Álamo blanco2018Voice and piano3
Cradle song2018Voice and piano3
La palabra en el nido2018Voice and piano2
Ich habe in mich gesogen2018Voice and piano3
7 Songs2019Voice and guitar16
6 Popular songs2020Voice and piano14
3 Songs2020Voice and guitar9
Mamá, ¿por qué es así la vida?2020Voice and piano4