Bicinium and Dance (1)2014Violin and violoncello4
Bicinium and Dance (2)2014Violin and violoncello4
Movement for clarinet quintet2015Clarinet, 2 violins, viola and violoncello13
Jayeechi . Concert piece after a song of Juana Sierra Ipuana2015Soprano saxophone, hand percussion and string orchestra15
Sonata (1)2016Violin and piano21
Tesoro mío2016Alto saxophone or flute and piano3
Divertimento2016Flute and piano8
Four Melodies2016Violin and piano6
Rondo capriccioso2016Alto saxophone, piano, 2 violins, viola and violoncello12
Wide path2016Accordion and violoncello9
Suite2017Flute and violoncello14
Sonata (1)2017Flute and Piano17
Sonata2017Violoncello and piano23
4 Bagatelles2017Clarinet in Bb and guitar5
Suite20172 Violins, viola and violoncello19
„Old tunes“-Suite (1)
II. Andante
2017Soprano recorder and clarinet in Bb/A19
„Old tunes“-Suite (2)2017Treble recorder and piano/cembalo17
„Old tunes“-Suite (3)2017Soprano recorder, treble recorder and clarinet in Bb/A23
Sonata (2)2017Flute and piano16
Sonata2017Alto recorder and cembalo/piano16
Sonatina2017Clarinet in Bb and piano12
Song of the mill2017Clarinet in Bb and piano7
Trio2017Flute, clarinet in Bb and bassoon15
3 Songs2017Soprano (with alto and treble recoder),   Alto (with bass recorder) and Alto Recorder (with tenor recorder also)15
6 Duets2017Clarinet in Bb and alto saxophone10
Quartet2017Violin, viola, violoncello and piano22
Trio2018Violin, violoncello and piano13
Short Suite2018Alto saxophone and piano10
Nocturne2018Violoncello and piano6
Adagio2018Flute, oboe and violoncello6
Trio2018Flute, violoncello and piano15
Concertino2018Flute, clarinet in Bb and piano16
4 Bagatelles2018Flute and guitar8
Trio-Sonatina2018Clarinet in Bb, violoncello and piano11
2 Cradle songs2016-2018Flute and piano5
4 Duets20192 Clarinets in Bb10
Suite2019Flute and piano12
6 Pieces
I. Andantino
II. Adagio
IV. Andantino
V. Moderato con espressione
VI. Allegro vivo
2019Clarinet in Bb and piano16
Sonata2019Alto saxophone and piano15
Quartet2019Bb Trumpet, alto-saxophone, piano and double bass12
Prayer2019Flute and piano6
Suite2019Violin, alto saxophone and violoncello15
Quintet2019Alto saxophone, 2 violins, viola and violoncello19
3 Vocalises2019Voice and piano17
2019Clarinet in Bb and piano23
Trio20202 Violins and violoncello13
Suite2020Flute and piano15
3 Toccatas2020Piano four-hands30
Suite2020Flute and guitar26
Quartet20202 violins, viola and violoncello26
Trio2020Oboe, violoncello and piano18
Trio2020Alto-Saxophone, violoncello and piano20
Concertino2021Clarinet in Bb, piano, 2 violins, viola and violoncello21
6 Miniatures2021Clarinet in Bb, 2 violins, viola and violoncello10
Sonata (2)2021Violin and piano17