Title Format Dauer
6 exercises Flute and violoncello 14′
Arrancara Violin, cello, piano and electronics 13′
Désir Flute, clarinet, guitar, violin and double bass 7’30“
Agua Viva Clarinet, accordion and live-electronics 24′
Flügelbrausend Flute, clarinet, guitar, marimba, violin and violoncello 30′
Vilca-Songs Mezzo-soprano, Lithophone in a special tuning, marimba, percussion, electronics, synthesizer and live film 1h 20′
Bicinium 1,2,3 Violin and violoncello 6′
Suite “Der Schwindel” Violin, piano, percussion 13′
Geological modulations 1,2 Lithophone (or marimba), 2-3 players 11′
Rhapsody Two violins 6′
In Prater Electric guitar, piano, bass, drums and keyboards 8′
Clarinet Quintet Clarinet, 2 violins, viola and violoncello 13′
Boy and Older Man Flute, 2 violins, viola and violoncello 10′
Cradle song for Emilio String quartet 3’45“
Flaneur Fantasy Keyboard Synthesizer, Violin, Guitar, Vibraphone (+ Woodblock) and Bass 8′
Movement for reed quintet Oboe, bassoon, saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet 8′
Manuel Oboe and Piano 4′
Duo Flute and clarinet 5’30“
Jayeechi.Concert piece after a song of Juana Sierra Ipuana Soprano saxophone, hand percussion and string orchestra 15′
Violin Sonata Violin and Piano 21′
Tesoro mío Melodieinstrument and Piano 3’30“
String trio Violin, Viola and Cello 20′
Mocking song Flute and Piano 2′
Theme for ATOMI Clarinet, violin, glockenspiel and Bass 1′
Wayuú Cantata Mixed choir with soloists, 13 instruments and 2 percussionists 24′
4 melodies Violin and Piano 6′
Rondo Capriccioso Piano, alto saxophone, 2 Violins, Viola and Cello 12′
4 melancholic themes Clarinet, piano, vibraphone 8′
Lonely negociation Flugelhorn and piano 3′
Wide path Accordion and Violoncello 9′
Divertimento Piano, electric guitar, synthesizer and electronic sounds 22′
3 trio-Canzonas Trumpet in Bb, Horn in F and Trombone 7′
Reed-trio Oboe, clarinet in Bb and bassoon 18’30“
9 dances from the middle ages Flute and violoncello 23′
Fuge String trio 4′
Sonata for flute and piano Flute and Piano 17′
Sonata for violoncello and piano Violoncello and piano 23′
4 bagatelles Clarinet in Bb and guitar 5′
Suite for string quartet String quartet 19′
3 Bicinias Nr. 2 Violin and violoncello 6′
Serenade Flute and guitar 4′
„Old tunes“-Suite Nr.1 Soprano recorder and clarinet in Bb/A 19′
„Old tunes“-Suite Nr.2 Treble recorder and piano/cembalo 17′
„Old tunes“-Suite Nr.3 Soprano recorder, treble recorder and clarinet in Bb/A 23′
Sonata for flute and piano Nr. 2 Flute and Piano 16′
Sonata for soprano recorder and cembalo/piano Soprano recorder and cembalo/piano 16′
Elegiac episode Clarinet in Bb, violoncello and piano 12′
Sonatina for clarinet and piano Clarinet in Bb and piano 12′
Song of the mill Nr.8 Clarinet in Bb and piano 7’30“
Quintet Flute, clarinet in Bb, violin, violoncello and piano 19′
Trio Flute, Clarinet in Bb and basoon 15′
3 Songs Soprano (with alto and treble recoder), Alto (with bass recorder) and Alto Recorder (with tenor recorder also) 15′
Piano quartett Violin, viola, violoncello and piano 22′
Piano trio Violin, violoncello and piano 13′
Little Suite Alto saxophone and piano 10′