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Sonata Nr. 22019for piano solo
4 Short Pieces2018for piano solo
Short suite (Markus Holzer – alto saxophone / Ladislav Fanzowitz – piano)

Short suite  (Markus Holzer – alto saxophone / Alejandro del Valle-Lattanzio – piano)
2018for alto saxophone and piano
Quintet2019for alto saxophone and string quartet (Trailer/new project)
Tesoro mío2016for alto saxophone and piano
Trio2018for violin, violoncello and piano
Trio2022for violin, viola and violoncello
Short Suite2022for viola and violoncello
II. Adagio2019from Six Pieces for clarinet and piano
VI. Allegro vivo2019from Six Pieces for clarinet and piano
I. Andantino2019from Six Pieces for clarinet and piano
IV. Andantino2019from Six Pieces for clarinet and piano
V. Moderato con espressione2019from Six Pieces for clarinet and piano
Quartet2017for violin, viola, violoncello and piano
Sonata (1)2016for piano solo
Sonatina (1)2021for piano solo
Sonatina (2)2021for piano solo
4 Colombian Dances2016for piano solo
Ave Maria2017for mixed choir
Concertino2018for flute, clarinet and piano
Nocturne2018for violoncello and piano
11 Notes2022for electric/electronic keyboard-instrument or chest organ
3 Toccatas2020for piano four-hands
3 Romanzas2021for piano
Fairy Tale (1)2016for orchestra
Trio2020for two violins and violoncello
Sonata (1)2016for violin and piano
5 Short pieces2020for piano solo
III.Presto2019from the Sonata for clarinet and piano
Das große Weltenrad2016Song
Sonata2017for violoncello and piano
Sonata (1)2017for flute and piano
Sonata (2)2017for flute and piano
Trio Sonatine2018for clarinet (in a), violoncello and piano
Bicinia and Dance2014for violin and violoncello
Chaconne2016for violin solo
4 Sketches2021for piano solo
3 Songs2017for 3 recorders (2 of them also singers: soprano and alto)
Jayeechi 2015Concert piece for soprano saxophone, percussion and string orchestra
3 Elegies2017for clarinet solo
II. Adagio espressivo from Sonata2019for solo Violoncello
6 Dances from fairy tales2016 for piano solo
3 Canticles2017for violoncello solo
4 Melodies2016for violin and piano
Rondo capriccioso2016for piano, alto saxophone and string quartet
Flaneur Fantasie2015music video 
Toccata2016for piano solo
Mondzyklen2015music animation
I. Andantino2017from Triptychon for solo clarinet
II. Andante2017from „Old tunes Suite Nr. 1“ for recorder and clarinet
Trio I.Allegro2017for flute, clarinet and bassoon
Im Prater2015music video
Musikalisches Terrarium2013music animation