Ave Maria for mixed choir

Trio for violin, violoncello and piano

Quartet for violin, viola, violoncello and piano

Sonata for piano solo

Nocturne for violoncello and piano

Musikmärchen for orchestra

Sonata for violin and piano

Sonnenuntergang (song)

Das große Weltenrad (song)

Sonata for violoncello and piano

Sonata for flute and piano Nr. 1

Sonata for flute and piano Nr. 2

Trio Sonatine for clarinet (in a), violoncello and piano

Chaconne for violin solo

3 Songs for 3 recorders (2 of them singers: soprano and alto)

Three elegies for clarinet solo

Six dances from fairy tales for piano solo

Three canticles for violoncello solo

Thema für KHR for piano

Four Melodies for violin and piano

Rondo capriccioso for piano, alto saxophone and string quartet

Flaneur Fantasie (music video)

Toccata for piano solo

Mondzyklen (music animation)

II. Andante from the „Old tunes Suite Nr. 1“ for recorder and clarinet

Im Prater (music video)

Musikalisches Terrarium (music animation)