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This is a good place to share thoughts about music. Music is something impersonal. It lives with or without humans, then it has its own intelligence, it own life. And we know we are confronting an intelligence when we hear great music. The most simple folk song has it. We sense the depth when we hear melodies, harmonies and rhythms. As if we where sailing, we move with its surface, but we can never think of embracing the whole content of the music. It is infinite.

What is the building block of music? Not tones, as Webern said but intervals as Hindemith said. We do not hear tones, when we hear musically, we hear always relations

The content of an interval is mathematically definable. Yet, cosmologically speaking, the is no stable Intervall beside the octave (and the unison). All Intervalls engage in a fight or dance for the unity. This is the source of everlasting movement in music.

So, music is the language of the cosmos. It is language, machine and being, altogether. This is a Pythagorean knowledge, I am myself profoundly Pythagorean. And that doesn’t make me less Christian. Music is the means by what the beauty expresses itself.

The conclusion of this small flight of thought is that music, as a divine gift it is, has to be treated with (religious) care.

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